JForth Programmers FAQ

JForth Frequently Asked Questions

In every project, there are questions that appear reptitive in nature.

Over time, a list of the aforementioned questions and their answers is usually provided. Users are expected to read the manuals, documentation and the FAQ's before asking questions of people privately or by mailing list etc.

This will be a short, start-up list, but I am sure it will grow as the weeks and months pass.


1) Why was the manual initially released in RTF (Rich Text Format) ?

A - The manual was stored on Phil's Mac in a DTP program.
RTF is quite common on all machines.
It is used on all the major Amiga word processors.
It enables the use of headers and footers, Font types and sizes, as well as the traditional bold, underline and italic styles.
It is basically a text file with some embedded commands and would be a suitable medium to produce a good manual.
Unfortunately, it turned out that many WP's would import the text, but not the graphics, font type and size, headers and footers etc...a major problem...So was formed the JForth Documentation Project (JDP).

2) When will format xyz manual be available ?

A - It is expected that the basic conversions for a wide range of file types will be completed this year.
We do need volunteers so speak up on the mailing list.

3) What are Phil & Mike doing now ?

A - They are both working on other projects. Mike on Java and Phil does Forth as well as Java.
They are both on the mailing list.
They often answer questions if no-one else can provide the correct solution.

4) How I do xyz...

A - The manual is really excellent.
There are plenty of tutorials and explanantions in it.
Further, if you look at the code in a text editor, you will find many more answers.
Join the mailing list and don`t be afraid to ask questions.

5) The list is very quiet. How many people are on it ?

A - As of the 21st July, 2000, there were 47 people on the list.
Most are quiet, in lurk mode.

6) I have a project/idea I would like to work on. How do I get some people together.

A - Join the mailing list and ask for volunteers and advice.

7) What programs have been written in JForth ?

A - About thirty, including JForth`s text editor. TEXTRA.
We are presently trying to contact a few people for permission to publish.
The others will be uploaded during late 2000.
Look on the web page under "programmes".

8) What about courses and IRC to help people learn ?

A - This was planned but other jobs and responsibilities took over.
It is also hard trying to get people to volunteer, probably for the same reasons.
Check the links as there are other Forth web pages, some that have basic Forth tutorials.
There are also a couple of Forth books.

Look for an IRC in August, 2000. An announcement will be made to the mailing list and it will be added to the "News" section.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE print out the manual and read through it. It is excellent and will solve most of your problems !

Only then, post to the mailing list.

I seriously advise you to get a good 3 inch, 3 ring binder with at least 25, if not 30 dividers. It is a solid 373 plus pages !!!

This is likely to rise as the JDP moves from converting manuals to expanding them and adding more tutorials ( Volunteers needed ).

Please e-mail List-Admin if you can help or want more detail in the manual. Specify JForth as there are many lists run from this domain

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