JForth Documentation Project

RTF stands for Rich Text Format.

It basically is a text file with some added embedded commands for fonts, bold, underline etc.

It can be easily read by any text editor, and the additional commands can be stripped out !

After due consideration, Phil Burk and Mike Haas decided this was the easiest format for most people to use. It was released without modifications.

I decided, quite early on, that the paragraphs and layout were hard on the eye, and not conducive to learning by budding programmers.

I therefore changed the layout, predominantly on spacing to make things look clearer and more easily read, and therefore understood.

I'm sure some people won't like 'my' version !

But they are welcome to adjust the manual themselves to their own style.

A lot of work is still being done on the manual, mainly :-

spot.gif - 1865 Bytes HTML for on-line Available here

spot.gif - 1865 Bytes HTML for off-line reading available in Lha or Zip or Tgz

spot.gif - 1865 Bytes PDF for off-line reading available in7z or Lzh/Lha or Zip

spot.gif - 1865 Bytes Individual PDF's One at a time

spot.gif - 1865 Bytes WordWorth Beta manuals1.0 to 3.0 and 3.1 to 7.1

NOTE: I only tested WordWorth 7. Further I have other fonts installed. If you don't have Times New Roman, it will throw a box 'could not open' font. Just click OK and it will load the default Shannon font.

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