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12th August 1998 - JForth download site collapses under the load

03:30 EST. (USA) Wednesday 12th August 1998


Following the official announcement of the release of JForth as freeware, the download site was inundated with requests from Amigans, eager to try out this dynamic programming language most have only read about.

Phil Burk - "I'm getting swamped"

Phil - "I'm getting a hit a minute"

By 11:30, the site had all but stopped feeding the ravenous, hungry hoards that had descended on it.

Effectively, the site was dead between 12:00 and 19:00

It took until 19:05 until some relief came when a secondary (ftp) site was announced from Mike Haas.

In less than 2 hours, ( at approximately 11:30 (am) Hrs EST (USA)) the Jforth download site was 'deluged ' with hundred's of download requests, overwhelming the system. A secondary server has now been brought on-line

The primary site is still :-


You can also try ftp'ing the secondary site :-


directory /users/h/haas

Mike Haas said - "I must say, I was surprised that there were enough downloads to max Phil's site"

Phil Burk - " I'm amazed. I never imagined their were this many Amiga-heads (programmers) still out there"

The final 24-hour tally was server logged as 1,649 hits as people continued to try and get on the site.

Hopefully, the ftp server will alleviate the strain in the days ahead.

JForth - a complete programming environment !

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