We're proud to be linked with...

dot FIG-USA dot Institute for applied Forth research
  The main Forth site with links to Taygeta.   Conference papers and information.
dot Forth Interest Group UK dot Silicon Valley Chapter of the Forth Interest Group
  One of the nicest Forth sites on the web.
Very nice design and lots of useful information.
This is the place to go when you have to
pick a Forth compiler.
  A Forth site providing lots of links to other Forth related sites.
dot Stack Computers & Forth dot Forth On-line resources
  This site by Philip Koopman is definitely
not for newbies, but highly interesting if
you want to know everything about state-of-the-art stack computers.
  Quick reference card.

The sites listed below are of interest for usable Assembler code, C language structure and usage, and for reference materials.
There are also many links from these sites to other related sites.

dot ASM-One
  Assembler page with RKRM's and other docs in AmigaGuide
dot Unofficial SAS/C compiler support page
dot The Amiga Assembler page - V2.0 - dot Amiga C Programming
  More good assembly and coding ideas.   Basic C page - Plenty of references.
dot The Snippets Collection
  Some C coding and a tutorial.   Generic and Amiga ready to use code.
dot C Optimization Tutorial dot Arexx & C programming
  Really interesting focus on creating better code.
Good programming points !
  Series of tutorials - may give you useful insights.
dot Amiga related books FAQ dot The Datatype Association
  Comprehensive detailed resource listing.   A bit off-topic, but they are a must !.
dot Forth: The Hackers Language

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