UAE and Win-UAE - Why ??? !!!

Hello JForthers...Let's get the immediate anti-pc questions out of the way.

Why would you want to emulate an Amiga...Let's make a list

1) You sold your Amiga, but 'miss it' and you want the experience.

2) You sold your Amiga, but you still want to programme, because the Amiga is fun !

3) Your Amiga broke, it's in a box and you bought a PC but hate it ;

Whatever your reason ( I have two working Amigas, an A2000 PhonePak based machine and a A1200 upgraded to 68030@33MHz with 16Mb ram (18Mb total) and a 2.5Gb H/D ).

Why did I get it ? Curiosity. I've heard a lot about it for the past year and decided to try it out. I went onto the Cloanto site just before Xmas for info on the $59 ? version, and saw they had an on-line version for $19.95. Way to go Cloanto.

Sure, I could have downloaded it for free and copied the Amiga Rom etc. but I like supporting Amiga companies :)

You can get FS-UAE from here

The WinUAE is available from here

Cloanto has the complete system with the OS1.3 and OS3.0 Rom licences which is good. (Stay legal !!! )

So I used Cloanto and used a Pentium 133Mhz, 16Mb ram 1.2 Gb machine.

( This was before Xmas, they had 0.8.6R5

Went to the Cloanto web site. Entered my credit card number via secure and 10-15 seconds later it came back approved and asked if I wanted to download the program. First of all, I printed out the web page with my registration number. Then downloaded and installed the programme. entered my details plus the registration number and there I was...inside an Amiga.

I then looked at the directories in win95 and created a short-cut on the win95 machine. This gave me a different screen, a tabbed screen with 5 basic setup's, OS1.3 with or without sound, OS 3.0 with or without sound plus a default. You can create your own custom screens for 'funny' programmes.

I set chip as 2Mb, Fast as 8Mb and Z3 as 4Mb. I set the 'Game and IO ports from LPT1 to //Carol/Deskjet500 (my lan printer (I have a small lan) ) and it prints fine (or did until I upgraded to 0.8.6R6 )

There are several bug's on this release but R6 fixes them all but introduces a Lan printing bug :-(

Lha was missing (it's now included, if you have R5 copy ) it into your 'C:' directory.
I installed WordsWorth Office V6 and they all worked, the WP, database, and the Pim.

I've yet to get anything to fail. Miami installs and works as does Voyager 2.95. Seeing colour in 16 and 24-bit is great, although it is slow (well, it is an emulation and emulates chip ram too well !!! ).

The major mention for us is I downloaded JForth from Phil's site and lha extracted it and ran all the demo's, textra, plus other stuff and it runs like a champ.

People say it run's like I A500 at 7MHz...I'd disagree strongly with that. I put my A1200 on 256 colour workbench and dropped WinUae to 256 colours and I'd say it was pretty close to my 68030@33MHz.

Having 16/24-bit colour and higher resolutions is the real bonus, irrespective of the speed. For $19.95 (they changed something, $29.95 is mentioned now ??? ) is a steal as far as I am concerned.
It integrates with win95 so you can read/write the Amiga's and win95's H/D. I'm having real fun with it. You can connect an Amiga with a serial port. If you have a A1200 you can use a PCMCIA card (contact me, I have access to some ( it's what I use ) )

Obviously I like it.

Whether you try out the free versions, or go the Cloanto way, it's a great ride.

Give me feedback and I'll improve this. Martin Randall JForth Documentation Project (JDP)