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Forth Videos

Over the Shoulder Text Pre processing in Forth By Samuel Falvo II. A great step by step example of building Forth words, with good explanations.

2 Minutes with Forth By Hans Bezemer

Coding a Forth script utility By Christopher Leonard. A simple utility, but the explanation of the commands, refactoring, is very instructive.

Amiga Videos

Animated Amiga Tribute by Eric Schwartz

"Only Amiga" 25th Anniversary Animated Tribute by Eric Schwartz

The Amiga Song 30th (plus 1) Anniversary of the Commodore Amiga by Eric Schwartz

Disney Animation Studio 1990 Commodore Amiga graphics

Only amiga! Elaine Caswell (Promo song 1987, remix2023)

Only Amiga Makes It Possible Mix with Event Clips interspersed

Even NASA used Amiga's!

Star Trek Voyager (1995) TV Series Intro, done by Commodore Amiga

The story of VFX Commodore Amiga and Babylon 5

Launch of Commodore Amiga 1000 1985 Lincoln Center USA Amiga world premiere

RJ Mical on completing the Amiga 1000 The Commodore Amiga 500 Story | The Gaming Chronicles

Can You Name The Amiga Engineers and Management Team? Amiga 36

US Air Force / NASA Helicopter simulator powered by Amiga

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