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Added 2nd Jan 1999 - In search of... the lost window by Phil Burk from AC tech Vol.2 Number.4 Pages 9-11

FindWindow opens a very small window that usually sits in the workbench title bar. When you click on the window with the left mouse button, a pop-up menu appears with a list of all open windows.

Here is the FindWindows program in lha zip and tgz

Added 5th Jan 1999 - Easy Menus in JForth By Phil Burk from Amazing Computing V3.12 - 1988 - Pages 79 to 84

Introduction to EZMenus with an example program that opens a window, draws colored lines or boxes in a random walk pattern.

new.gif - 2364 Bytes Added 6th Jan 1999 - BADGE meeting in Silicon Valley, California (16th October 1986) report By Kim DeVaughn uploaded to BITNET (UseGroup ?) 17 October 1986

Probably the first 'report' of JForth which was shown at the meeting by Delta Research and due for release that very month. A benchmark with Multi-Forth and Mach 2 is made with as well

new.gif - 2364 Bytes Added 7th Jan 1999 - JForth Newsletter V2 #1 dated 4/15/92 By Delta Research

JForth Professional 3.0 announcement, JForth on TV - Jim Cuomo, Power Glove interface, Tips and tricks - ( ARGS, ADISM, Fast Recompile, Sequential Constants).

new.gif - 2364 Bytes Added 11th Jan 1999 - Worth the wait : JForth Professional 2.0 Amazing Computing dated 1989 Review by Jack Woehr

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