JForth News

Vol. 2, Number 1, April 1992 Delta Research

JForth Professional 3.0

Delta Research is pleased to announce the release of JForth Professional 3.0. A major new feature is the addition of Amiga DOS 2.0 support. We have also added code to allow the JForth compiler to work with the large caches on the 68040. We also have what we think is one of the easiest systems for supporting ARexx. Adding ARexx commands to an application is now quite simple. Another new feature we think you will love is ANIM and ANIMBrush extensions to the IFF Picture system.

Martin Kees was kind enough to contribute these powerful tools and we are very grateful. Martin also worked very closely with us in testing all of V3.0 and conlributed to the ARexx support. Thank you Martin. I would also like to thank the other Beta testers who helped make V3.0 more solid. Their efforts benefit us all. In particular, I would like to thank Marlin Schwanke, Nick Didkovsky, Robert Marsanyi, Chris Green, Curtis Stanton, Lynn Newton, Mark Hellman, Bill Maginnis, Jeanne Parson, and Jack Johnson.

The major new features of JForth version 3.0 are:

Amiga DOS 2.0 includes and library support,

Application Support Library (ASL) file requester,

ANIM and ANIMBRUSH IFF extensions to the Picture system,

ARexx support toolbox simplifies writing command driven host applications,

Improved Textra text editor integrated with JForth via ARexx,

Faster and smarter Clone,

Profile - code performance analyser, find out where your program is spending all that time,

ARP and Requester library support, more file requesters,

New error handling tools, ?GOTO.ERROR, $ERROR

Global register based optimizer,

Improved local variables, kept on return stack, new +-> operator,

Tools for Double Buffered graphic displays,

Proper cache handling for 68040 processors,

RANGEOF and ?OF added to CASE,

Numerous other improvements and (gasp) bug fixes,

Improved manual with Index.

Information on how to order JForth V3 is on the order form at the end of this newsletter.