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Thanks to the resurgence of Retro Computing, there has been a resurgence in interest in programming for the Amiga. There are windows, Mac, Linux and Android Amiga emulators, as well as hardware projects like the Mister, UnAmiga, MiniMig and the Apollo Vampire Apollo Vampire So it's time to slowly update the website

25th May 2023 - Uploaded first page of manual online manual HTML. Temporarily uploaded PDF Table of Contents.

14th May 2023 - Public re-release of the JForth website.

13th May 2023 - Separated the Appendices into seperate web pages, Updated the HTML online manual accordingly.

12th February 2023 - TODO...Test programs. Install UAE to test AmigaOS versions. More web page updates. New web pages in process. Start Re-Organizing the main page.

15th January 2023 - Created and updated 'No Amiga anymore' page WIP (Work in Progress). Updated other pages and uploaded.

30th December 2022 - Uploaded Beta WordWorth versions of manuals and relevant changes to web pages. They need testing !

29th December 2022 - Found and uploaded RealIndex.html

28th December 2022 - Setup and tested email admin account

27th December 2022 - Created and uploaded PDF manual, final page checks for tags, complete update of links page, test web pages with Ibrowse. Errors to IBrowse.

26th December 2022 - Updated News page. Removed Nueralink program, (missing). Starting to update links page. Created Discord channel.

25th December 2022 - Repaired broken Figure images, uploaded site to new provider and updated DNS records

24th December 2022 - As this is a basic information site, not needing CSS etc. moved it back to a more basic, uncluttered, 3.2/4.1 transitional site for Amiga Browsers,removing excess tags, fixed many issues. 12th August 1998 - JForth download site collapses under the load (PR) 10thAugust 1998 - JForth Freeware Released (PR)

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