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Thanks to the Apollo Vampire ,there has been a resurgence in interest in programming for the Amiga. So it's time to slowly update the website

10thAugust 1998 - JForth Freeware Released (PR)

12th August 1998 - JForth download site collapses under the load (PR)

24th December 2022 - As this is a basic information site, not needing CSS etc. moved it back to a more basic, uncluttered, 3.2/4.1 transitional site for Amiga Browsers,removing excess tags, fixed many issues.

25th December 2022 - Repaired broken Figure images, uploaded site to new provider and updated DNS records

26th December 2022 - Updated News page. Removed Nueralink program, (missing). Starting to update links page. Created Discord channel.

27th December 2022 - Created and uploaded PDF manual, final page checks for tags, complete update of links page, test web pages with Ibrowse. Errors to IBrowse.

28th December 2022 - Setup and tested email admin account

29th December 2022 - Found and uploaded RealIndex.html

30th December 2022 - Uploaded Beta WordWorth versions of manuals and relevent changes to web pages. They need testing !

15th January 2023 - Created and updated 'No Amiga anymore' page WIP (Work in Progress). Updated other pages and uploaded.

12th February 2023 - TODO...Test programs. Install UAE to test AmigaOS versions. More web page updates. New web pages in process. Start Re-Organizing the main page. Time is running out. One week to go.

20th February 2023 - Public re-release of the JForth website - Planned

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